Privacy policy

NEBET.HU Kft. as the owner of this website (2800 Tatabánya, Búzavirág u. 4., hereafter „Service Provider”) as a data controller expresses the consent to be bound by everything written in this privacy statement. Its data controlling procedure is in accordance with the requirements defined by the relevant law. The data controller is committed to sagefuarding the personal data of his partners and users and highlights the importance of respecting his clients’ right to informational self-determination. The data controller keeps the personal data placed at his disposal confidentially and ensures every security, technical and organizing measures that can guarantee the security of data („data security”).



Principles of data controlling

Personal data can be collected if
a. the person concerned approves it
b. it is ordered by the law or by the decree of the local goverment for public purposes („mandatory data collection”) – based on the law and with a scope of data defined by the law.


In case of people incapable of acting and minor children (under legal age) with limited capability of acting the consent of their legal representative is not necessary because the statement is related to common everyday registration and it does not need to be carefully considered (Civil Code § 2.14., paragraph 2).
Personal data can be collected only with a defined purpose, in order to practice rights and to perform obligations. Data controlling must happen in accordance with the purpose of data controlling in each phase of its process. Only those personal data can be controlled which are essential to reach the purpose of controlling, are proper for reaching the purpose as well as only to the extent and for the period of time necessary to reach the purpose. Personal data can be controlled only with the person’s full consent obtained after providing them correct information.
The person concerned must be informed of every fact relating to the controlling of their data clearly, in an understandable and detailed way, especially of the purpose and legal basis of data controlling, the person who is entitled to control and process data, the duration of data controlling as well as the scope of people who might have access to the data. This information must contain the person’s rights related to data controlling and the options of judicial remedies.


The controlled personal data must meet the following requirements:
a. they must be collected and handled in a decent and legal way;
b. they must be correct and complete and if it is necessary due to the purpose of data controlling they must be up-to-date;
c. the person concerned should be identified only for the period of time essential to reach the purpose of data controlling.
It is forbidden to apply general, unified identification marks with unlimited use.

Personal data can be forwarded and different data controlling processes can be linked only with the full consent of the person concerned or if it is allowed by law and if the conditions and requirements of data controlling are met in case of each piece of personal data. Personal data (including specific data) can be forwarded from the country to a data controller or data processor located in a third country – regardless of the form of the media on which it may be recorded and the way of data transfer – with the definite and full consent of the person concerned or if it is allowed by law and in the third country the necessary level of data protection is ensured when the data are controlled as well as processed. Data forwarding to the states of the European Economic Area (EEA) has to be considered as if it was data forwarding within Hungar




Scope of personal data; the purpose, power and duration of data controlling

The website can be visited freely without submitting any kind of personal information. On the website the services of NEBET.HU Kft. can be learnt. The Service Provider might place a small data package (a so-called „cookie”) on the user’s computer in order to provide customized services and to keep the settings saved by the user. Cookies can be cancelled from the computer by the user as well as the use of cookies can be forbidden in the browser settings.


On the website there is an opportunity to get registered for newsletter services by submitting an e-mail address. In the newsletter services the Service Provider sends regular newsletters about his novelties to the users who opted for the newsletters. The content of newsletters might vary based on the data submitted by the users. The Service Provider ensures the option of unsubscribing from the newsletter services. Offers from the Service Provider’s clients can also appear in the newsletters.


The Service Provider can be contacted via e-mail or with the help of the form placed on the website by sending name, e-mail address and a message. These messages are used by the Service Provider solely for their intended purpose, they are archived after the case has been settled entirely and they are retained for five years.


The Service Provider provides information on the data controlling procedures not listed here when the data are submitted. Courts of justice, public prosecutors and investigative authorities might contact the Service Provider in order to receive information and data and to take over data as well as documents (according to Be. § 71). The Service Provider provides the authorities with only the necessary personal data and only to the extent essential to reach the purpose of enquiry – in case the authority in its lawful enquiry defined the exact purpose and the scope of data.